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Your diet is a fundamental part of helping to maintain good health. Low fat helps you control your weight, and by reducing cholestrol, we know that you can help to keep your heart healthy, but that does not mean that all fats are bad for you. The secret of a healthy diet is in what you eat, how much you eat and how often you eat. What’s more it would seem more and more people are discovering intolerance’s to certain foods which on occasions can lead to allergic reactions. In this section we provide the latest understanding of a variety of foods, we outline possible concerns, and shatter a few myths about the food we eat.

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10 facts about soya

The Magic Bean — 10 facts about this amazingly versatile food

Ways to enjoy soya

Soya is a remarkably versatile ingredient …

The magic bean

Soya beans are innocuous to look at — tiny in size and neutral in colour but beneath …